Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Mario and his monkey

I made my son Mario a Space monkey for his 8th/32nd birthday ( he's a Leap Year baby ) I had such a problem making a helmet for his monkey that I didn't photograph him with it on. I made it from a cola bottle and it was actually rubbish so I'm going to keep looking for a clear plastic round ball to make one from. Here's the pic of my baby boy and his new friend ;)

Thursday, 1 December 2011

A few monkeys

I thought I'd upload a few photo's of some more monkeys as I've not been on here for a while.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Sock Elephant pattern

This is going to come in handy to make a sock elephant for a certain person's birthday ;)

Sock Elephant Pattern

sock elephant pattern

sock elephant

Turn sock inside out
Cut 3-1/2 inches off rib of sock. Starting 3 inches from heel, sew 1/8 inch seam each side of center line and across end of ribbing. Cut sock between seams and about 1-1/2 inches farther to make opening for stuffing. Turn right side out.
Head and Body:
To shape head, stuff foot of sock nice and plump and tie off loosely at neck with ribbon. Insert 1-1/2 inch circles of cardboard in feet and stuff. Finish stuffing, sew legs and slit in crotch, making one seam on underside of body and the other up towards the tail.
Cut second sock as shown, about 5 inches long. Turn inside out, seam along one side and across foot. Insert pieces of cardboard in feet, stuff, and attach near front of body.
Cut off complete heel from second sock. Stuff lightly and sew to head. Stitch across center to shape mouth.
Open flat strip of sock so that it is about 1 inch at one end and 6 inches at the other. Round the wide end. Fold in half lengthwise, inside out, and seam along one edge and around narrow end. Turn right side out and stuff. Sew to head just above mouth with seam underneath. To bend and hold trunk in various positions, insert a piece of wire through length of trunk. Insert pipe cleaner tusks.
For each ear, cut two pieces in shape of ears. Seam and turn inside out. Sew on level withhighest point of trunk.
Sew on moving eyes, buttons, felt or embroider with black thread. (For very small children embroider eyes).
Make small short roll of material and sew in place.
Trim is optional. A fringed strip of bright material can be placed over the back or tassels may be sewn on. Rickrack, little bells, ribbons or beads naturally give the toy a more festive, circus-like appearance.

Monkey beanie pattern

Browsing the net and I came across a monkey beanie hat to crochet. Love it. Some day I WILL get around to knitting and crocheting all the patterns I'm collecting ;)

New group

Mario came round yesterday and set up a Magic Monkey group on Facebook for us. Got some orders already! I made a few today and finished Lian's monkey. Hopefully she'll love it. It's a ballerina princess that she can keep in The Dance Place if she wants to. Here she is ;)
I've also made a sheep monkey for one of Lucia's workmates and am in the process of making a polar bear monkey. What is Lucia doing whilst  I'm making these monkeys? Watching a dvd!  She made the tea though so I'll let her off. I'd much rather sew than cook thank you very much! Could just eat a bit of chocolate right now. Shame I can't stand the taste of it anymore :(
Sheep monkey...Baa Baa ;)

Monday, 26 September 2011

Lucia's monkeys

These are Lucia's monkeys that she made over the week-end plus a couple of mine :)

New teddy monkey

This monkey looks more like a teddy bear than a monkey so I've called her teddymonkey. She's very cuddly ♥